Claire Falconer Artist

Claire Falconer is a visionary artist whose unique, ethereal paintings seem both ancient and futuristic, inviting us to transcend everyday experience. A warrior call home to ourselves and to the wisdom of Nature.

New works show a brave evolution, journeying inward and branching outward to express visions of interconnected being. A surrender deeper into flow, allowing all to unfold.

Claire is an established, well-renowned artist with 25 years of professional experience. Her practice is grounded in advanced classical technique learned from master painter Ken Hamilton, and she is much sought after as a commissioned artist. Her work is collected internationally, and she teaches classical painting and visionary art workshops.

Her creativity extends into spoken word performance in collaboration with other artists.

Claire Falconer Artist

Eternal Themes Intrigue

'Imbas Awakens' an exhibition of paintings and prints, continues at Simple Simon's in Donegal Town.

"Claire’s art is both eclectic in scope and intensely sensitive in detail. Her interpretation of eternal themes is beguiling, thought provoking and beautifully constructed...

A most intriguing exhibition."
Ted Hall, Author

Imbas Awakens - Flyer

Imbas Awakens

'Imbas Awakens" invokes a reconnection to the energy of the earth and honours the sacred feminine of Mother Nature.

These paintings have been created in the spirit of Imbas Forosnai. An ancient practice of journeying inward to retrieve visions; inspiration which illuminates. A journey back to source to reignite the fire within.

Temples of light, meditative figures, nature spirits and dynamic land and seascapes are depicted in delicate swirling patterns of energy.

"We are all connected in ways beyond our wildest imaginings. Consciousness is evolving. The plants and mycelial networks weave together, medicine each for the other.

We learn from them.
Weaving purer threads.
Regenerating creation."

Imbas Awakens
Simple Simon's, Glebe, Diamond, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Exhibiting Summer through Winter 2023

Summer Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9:30am - 6pm | Sunday 11am - 5pm

Winter Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9:30am - 6pm

Celebrating Light, Embracing Flow

For three years, beginning in 2021, Claire undertook a 21 day challenge creating one picture a day in June leading up to Summer Solstice. These works represent a further deep dive into the unknown and the flow state. No prior planning, embracing each day as it comes. A celebration of the light at the apex of the year. Time lapse process videos with the story of each piece are viewable online.

Select works from this series feature in the Imbas Awakens show. A dedicated exhibition is planned for 2024.

Claire Falconer Artist