Cloud Over Fermanagh

Cloud over Lough Erne

Oil on board | 35 x 50 cm | Original Painting | £2,900 | Available for purchase

An illuminated summer cloud gathered over Lough Erne.

My grandparents’ home is at the top of an ancient hill known as Derrychara. Although now one of many houses, it was once nothing but oak groves, then fields and lakes, all farmed by two sisters. My father remembers walking cattle up here as a child as a resting place before they were moved to our family farm outside of town. They carried sticks to beat a path through the brambles. What I would give to have been by his side on one of those adventurous afternoons! Granny's house still overlooks breathtakingly unspoiled countryside. It is a haven for all the family. Door always open. Make yourself a cup of tea and relax. Or play a tune on the piano! Clouds in Fermanagh are magical beings. Light dances within them.