She Sings Blue Light

She Sings Blue Light

Materials ?? | ?? cm| Original Painting | Available for purchase

Sometimes as I’m nearing finishing paintings and the detail becomes finer and finer I realise that I’ve been holding my breath. I sing a lot, mostly by myself in connection with nature and recently more while I work. In the past few years I’ve been exercising my voice with the technique of over toning which is an ancient way of amplifying the natural harmonic resonances present in every note. It is a very meditative practice. Animals seem to love it and it’s a powerful thing to do at ancient sites too. I feel that frequency and vibration hold immense potential for healing.

When I sing I feel areas of blockage open up, my breath reaches deeper and my mind clears.One evening last autumn I was singing at the studio, beginning with the deepest note and slowly rising. Feeling each note vibrate within a different part of the body, rising, through my belly, to my heart and when I got to the throat level, the note shone blue.

I worked with this beautiful shining blue light until it expanded and filled my whole body. Then mena my cat hopped up on my lap and said enough for one day! Colours associate with the spinning energy centres of the body, the chakras. The throat chakra is blue. I understand these connections now on a new level.

It is real magic!