Letter from the artist

Hello Friends,

I’d like to take a moment to share with you my feelings about where my painting is taking me recently, in a bid to explain the changes which will become evident.

I was fascinated with the stars from infancy, always saw bright colours and geometric patterns behind closed eyes.A daydreamer. Loved being in nature.
It’s taken until full adulthood to remember all of this clearly and to recognise that this is my pathway home.
To return to that childlike knowing.
To delve inwards.
To trust my vision and to endeavour to share it with the world.

I’ve been letting go of the need for proscribed perfection and classical imitation, in lieu of a return to childlike freedom of movement and subconscious interpretation of emotion.

I have been freed enormously, Physically, mentally, energetically through ongoing shamanic journeying experiences, revealing the native power within.

My intentions with my art are becoming clearer than ever before. I work hopeful that my creations may inspire peace, joy, increased self love, the seeking of wisdom and respect for nature. I strongly feel a renewed purpose, confident that I have a new form of language flowing through me, one that will not be of me, it comes from way beyond anywhere I can describe. Spirit painting. A recalling of the immense power within each of us. Every plant and animal spirit connected. We can move mountains of mayhem and cleanse oceans if we only intend to do so.

I invite you to allow this energy into your worlds and I welcome all responses to it. I ask for collaboration opportunities to connect what I create with the web of knowing emanating from the core of this Spiral of wisdom. If an idea comes that you think I could help bring visually or conceptually to life please get in touch.

‘ My art is branching out energetically, to express a vision of interconnected being
I’m trusting the creative impulse, and diving in. Let’s enter deeper into this dream!’

Isn’t it all amazing
This life, as it unfolds
As it opens up
As we enter into Flow
In creation,


As Stuart Wilde said.
We are here to evolve beyond our separation. We are the whole universe.