Beaghmore Stone Circle

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My reading list this year has again included the brilliant Freddy Silva, most recently the Divine Blueprint, on ancient power places and their ability to alter our state of consciousness. An incredible book. I visit ancient sites in Ireland frequently. They all lie on converging lay lines, natural earth energy lines. There is a peace at these places and I always come away feeling energised. The Beaghmore site is new to me. It is very impressive and situated in beautiful surroundings with a backdrop of forest and rolling hills. I first visited on a blissful sunny afternoon just before summer solstice. A perfect time to visit as the site is aligned to the solstice and being there just before meant it was almost empty of visitors. I had my pastels with me and was drawn towards this spot on the hill looking down over what I later discovered was known to some locals as ‘The woman’s circle’. It did feel both very powerful and very gentle to me. This drawing was done that afternoon. 

This print is available in two sizes large and medium.

  • 34 x 47 cm | Large limited edition print
    • Framed £185
    • Unframed, £130
  • 27.2 x 37.6 cm | Medium limited edition print
    • Framed £130
    • Unframed £95
  • Each edition artwork is signed and numbered 1 – 80.
  • The first orders placed will receive the lowest numbered editions.

£95 £185

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