Day 14 of 21 – Delphinium Blue Geometry

As I slept, the portal image from the day 10 Eclipse returned and so to it again. This time a different perspective, different colours but the same essence…
Delphinium Blue

A magical garden in Co. Fermanagh. Plants tended with love and pride. Roses, Wild Irises and Delphiniums among the June highlights, especially just before dusk when their blues positively vibrate. I see geometry, especially behind closed eyes, and wonder at this inner kaleidoscope. Increasingly I see these patterns and structures in nature too, as illuminated, connecting threads. Today this structure is of five, foundation of the sacred golden ratio.

Delphinium Blue Geometry. Pure Pigment Soft Pastels on Pastel Primed Board. 23 x 24 cm. Original Artwork and Limited Edition Prints Available.

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